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Introducing our stunning handcrafted Cancer jewelry set, featuring a delicate bracelet and matching necklace. The bracelet is adorned with smooth aquamarine and moonstone beads, representing the calming and nurturing qualities of the Cancer zodiac sign. The necklace, made with durable stainless steel and adjustable silk string, provides a perfect complement to the bracelet, creating a cohesive and stylish set for any Cancer individual. A thoughtful and meaningful gift for those born under the sign of Cancer, this jewelry set is both beautiful and symbolic, embodying the emotional and intuitive nature of this water sign. Adorn yourself or a loved one with this unique and personalized Cancer jewelry set to celebrate their astrological traits.


  • This jewelry set is specially crafted for the Cancer woman.

    The Cancer woman is gentle, emotional, and devoted. With her pronounced sense of care and compassion, she creates a warm and nurturing world in relationships. Family plays an important role in her life.

    The bracelet is made of aquamarine and moonstone beads. Suitable for the Cancer zodiac sign.

    Aquamarine is a stone associated with clarity, tranquility, and communication. It is considered to stimulate mental clarity, helps in expressing feelings, and attracts harmony in relationships.

    Moonstone is linked to intuition and feminine energy. This stone is considered a stimulator of emotional harmony and creativity. It is often used to enhance intuitive abilities.

  • Stainless steel Cancer symbol

    Silk string adjustable necklace

    Aquamarine & moonstone bracelet beads

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